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Comelit together with distributors to face the challenges of the Digital Revolution

Whatever the context, Comelit's primary objective is always to focus on customer needs to facilitate their daily work. In this specific area, Comelit works professionally to help the supply chain to be competitive in the new digital challenges, in Italy but also abroad.

The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium have been using ETIM for years, an international standard that allows products to be classified according to a format shared by the realities of the electricity supply chain: on this trail and well ahead of the Italian trend, thanks to the support of company management and new dedicated resources, in a very short time Comelit has created a complete Etim standard in all its parts.

The company's attention to the needs of its customers has concretely translated into the updating of all data for over 3,000 products: to succeed in this ambitious mission, Comelit collaborated with Metel, the main player in the management of information exchange between producers and distributors within the supply chain and ETIM representative for Italy. Multiple advantages: easier choice of products by professionals through the digital platforms of distributors, automation of processes with consequent reduction of manual work, reduction of errors and savings in time and costs.

In other words, it benefits from an improvement in the management and efficiency of flow and communication, in order to facilitate the path of the actors within the supply chain.

A fundamental starting point for building strategic assets for the development of a business that has to grab the increasingly complex challenges of the Digital Revolution, taking full advantage of its opportunities.



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