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ETIM: the industry classification to manage product information

What is ETIM classification

ETIM is the acronym for European Technical Information Model and is basically a logical and uniform product classification model.

In other words, a common language used by companies not only to identify the single item, but which allows the product to be associated with specific groups and classes, standard for the entire supply chain, which include the main characteristics of the item. Starting from the most classic information, such as product code, name, long and short description, up to multimedia content, such as images, or logistics data.

The benefits for businesses

If all the companies in the industry adopted the ETIM classification, all the players would benefit from it. First of all, the information - correct and certified - would be entered upstream by the manufacturer and communicated in a logical and automated way to all distributors and sales channels.

A communication system that allows a significant reduction in the manual work of entering data and updating the price lists, as well as a significant saving of time and a generalized reduction of errors. Benefits that easily translate into process and communication efficiency, which very often also lead to economic savings.

Last but not least, ETIM can become an excellent marketing tool for communicating products in a certain way, with the confidence that information will remain consistent and uniform throughout the industry.

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