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Metel services

ETIM is a logical and unambiguous classification of articles. It provides a list of all the technical characteristics of each product class through a standardized structure shared by the entire Italian and foreign electricity supply chain.


Starting from the base of your Metel price list, it is possible to combine the group, the class and the technical characteristics of the ETIM layout with each item code. Once the combinations have been completed, it will be possible to export the BMEcat file and distribute it to your customers via the Metel Data Pool portal.

To create, certify and distribute your BMEcat file, Metel provides a platform where data can be entered in 3 ways:

Progetto senza titolo - 2022-10-21T142422.734.png

direct upload of the file on the ETIM portal

data entry.png

use of the portal for the manual creation of the classification and subsequent export of file

Copia di Progetto senza titolo (8).png

 CLASSFILL: matching Etim class to article done by specialized staff

ETIMFILL: matching of complete Etim parameters (class, features, values) to article, generation of Metel® image file, generation of Metel® product characteristics file.

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