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Jan Janse is the new president of ETIM International

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

ETIM International, the global coordinating organization for the classification of technical product data, has chosen Jan Janse of Sonepar as its new president. He has been in office since 24 October 2017. Jan Janse was CEO of Sonepar's Technische Unie in the Netherlands for 12 years. Lately, again at Sonepar, he is the leader of the Business Digital development group in Northern Europe. After being nominated as president of ETIM International Jan Janse made the following statements: “I am honored and delighted to follow in the footsteps of ETIM president and creator Franz Ernst; in continuity with his work, I will carry out his vision and strategy for classification ". “Franz Ernst was one of the founders of the first ETIM model in Germany; and it was fundamental for the expansion of the classification. Thanks to its tireless efforts, the ETIM classification is gaining ground globally, with Russia as our newest member. I can't wait to continue working hard on the path he traced; and, with our talented advice, expand the scope of ETIM ".

In addition to the appointment of a new President, the International General Assembly of Milan also elected two new members of the board in October: the economist Hans Henning (executive director of the VEG Association and DG Haustechnik, an association of the plumbing and heating sector) and the 'engineer Magnus Siren (managing director of the Finnish federation).

Marc Habets, Technical Director of ETIM International, added: “On behalf of ETIM International, I would like to express the massive appreciation for the commitment and the energy that Franz Ernst has dedicated to ETIM and for his key role which led ETIM to success. We hope you enjoy a well-deserved retirement”.

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Nella foto: Da sinistra a destra membri del consiglio di amministrazione internazionale ETIM Eric Piers, Sverker Skoglund, Ryszard D’Antoni, Hans Henning, Magnus Siren e Jan Janse.

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