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The new ETIM Viewer

Last month, ETIM International launched a new version of their ETIM Viewer. The improved web application has a fresh new design, offers excellent user experience and now also includes ETIM Modelling Classes – a true cherry on top. Technical Director Marc Habets happily elaborates on this smart upturn of the ETIM portfolio.

ETIM in your pocket

Marc Habets: “As we all know, the ETIM Classification Management Tool, or CMT, is a very comprehensive, sizeable and at times quite complicated tool, even for advanced ETIM users. And although its setup truly does support the further development of the ETIM model excellently, it is far too elaborate for quick data consultation. This is why, years ago, we added a much simpler yet responsive web application, allowing users to quickly consult the ETIM model on their mobile devices. People may still know the app by its work-title ‘ETIM in your pocket’.

Over time, however, with features added and technology progressing, the ‘ETIM in your pocket’ app became outdated. To optimize its usability, we decided to update its design according to more advanced technology and reassess its user focus to both ensure a better overall performance and experience.”

Straightforward setup, cool new features

The new and improved ETIM Viewer is hooked up to ETIM’s public API, and has a fresh responsive design and a simplified scope – with added features at the same time.

Marc Habets: “For this version, we consciously steered clear of the complexity of our Classification Management Tool to optimally suit mobile consultation. I’m very pleased we have indeed managed to keep the UI super simple and were still able to include ETIM Modelling Classes and their subsequent parametric reference drawings in this ETIM Viewer. Another nice feature is that you can now browse through class details. If a search leaves you with a list of 13 classes, for example, you can now click on these results to view the details of that class and easily scroll to the next. Reviewing multiple classes in one go was never this easy.”

You can try the new ETIM viewer here:

Open standard

The new ETIM Viewer is a perfect example of how ETIM works as an open standard: Etim International provide free access to the ETIM model from a common goal.

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